Move Along


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People come in and out of our lives. When we were kids, we thought that our friends would be with us forever but, sadly we hit reality sooner or later. Any kind of relationship can either be successful, a failure or fixed.

I realized that you can’t push someone to be your friend and you shouldn’t be friends with someone that who pushes you. Same thing with having a boyfriend or girlfriend. Very few relationships last forever and those who don’t last are for the best. After every relationship, there is always a lesson to learn.

When you lose someone close in your life, it is hard to think that you can live without them. There always comes a time that you will miss the person that left you or betrayed you. Although people think it’s the end of the world, it never is. Life goes on, your life still have a life to live. Just because you lost a friend, a lover, or a family member, doesn’t mean that you  have to stop living.

Move along. Keep living your life. Stand tall. There is so much to do in this life and we never know when our time will come to an end so, don’t waste your time grieving on someone who pushed you down to the ground. Stand up! Find what makes you happy. Also, remember to always smile! Show everyone that you are better than ever and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Becoming A Parent


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On Mother’s Day, I went to church with my family. At church, usually they give prizes and gifts to every mother to show their appreciation. However, I received some news.

My seventeen year old friend just had a baby that is a month old. I froze. She is my age. My mind couldn’t wrap this idea in my head that my nice, sweet friend just had a baby. I was upset that I didn’t know sooner to be a supportive friend but, at the same time it didn’t feel real. It still doesn’t feel real.

People always think and tell others about the age or time they want to have kids but honestly, most of the time people that have kids aren’t planned. There is never a good time to have kids, it just happens. I am not saying have kids as a teenager, not at all. I am saying that some things aren’t planned. Being a parent is a big responsibility. Parents have to prepare to bring a new life into the world, raise it and love them. Parents have to get before their baby comes, to learn how to take care of it. I promise you that no one is ever ready to be a parent, and less at the age of seventeen.

However, I believe that everything happens for a reason. Every baby that is born, is born for a reason. Even when a baby isn’t expected, at the end of the day it will always be loved by its parents. That is their job, to love their baby unconditionally and to try their best to raise them right.


Here is a link to any new mother that is interested in being prepared for motherhood:




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Writing. What do you feel while you are writing? Do you get nervous? Is writing a breeze for you? Is writing something stressful to you? How do you feel about writing?

I use to hate writing. I always got so nervous that I wasn’t sounding smart enough or wasn’t using the right punctuations. Now that I have been writing for my blog and many essays for my class, it has become easier to me. I realized that writing isn’t as hard as I thought. I believe that everyone can write. We write all the time, we just don’t notice it. We write paragraphs to our friends over text about our vacations, drama and our crushes. We all can write, it is just depends how open we are to write.

Writing can be very stressful for many of us, but if we opened up to writing on a topic that we find interest in, then we probably wouldn’t find writing so stressful. Now that I write more often for my blog and my class, I find writing so much more fun and creative. Writing gives us an opportunity to express our opinions, thoughts or feelings. Writing is an activity we should all learn to be comfortable with because, it is a very useful skill that we shouldn’t take for granted.

Pressure to Know Your Future


What do you want to be when you are older? And What college do you want to go to? We all get asked these questions when we are kids, teenagers or before we graduate high school.

There are people who know what they want to be, where they want to go and what they have to do to reach their goal. However, there are many of us that don’t have a clue. I have heard a lot of college students that have changed their majors 2-3 times.

When people ask me this question, I usually don’t have an answer. I don’t know what I want to become and what field of work I want to go into. There are so many jobs out there, that I didn’t even know existed. I have been thinking about what I want to be for years now, but I am still not sure. My parents love to pressure me. They tell me that I should know what I want to be now, which drives me crazy.

It is good to know where you want to be. Nevertheless, those who don’t know shouldn’t panic. We will all eventually find a job that suits us and that we enjoy doing. Also remember, that it is your future and you decide what you want.

Happy Place


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Do you ever need to destress? Do you ever feel like you need a day to cool off and relax? I can imagine many of you are agreeing with me at this time. We all love the idea of relaxing for a day. Where would you go though? Do you have a certain place that makes you happy? Do you have a place where you feel safe, calm, and relaxed? I do.

Any place with a huge body of water sounds like a great day to me. I love long walks on the beach, watching the waves form, and the soft sand tickling my feet. I don’t mind if there are other people around but, I prefer going to the beach when it  isn’t very full with a lot of people. I have always loved going to the beach, ever since I was a kid I was always excited to go. I love making sand castles, swimming, playing beach volleyball, etc.

Now that I am older, I don’t do all the things that I did when I was a kid. I still like to build sand castles sometimes, look and collect seashells, but recently I just love just sitting down with my friends talking or just looking at the beach. I just love the view.

The beach is my happy place. What is your happy place?

The Life of a Model


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We see models on the cover of magazines thinking how amazing it would be to become one because, all models do is pose for the photographer or walk down the runway without falling. People pay attention to their fame, good looks, how much money they make, the amazing places they get to go to or amazing events they get to attend. Models have more responsibilities than others would think.

They have to learn many ways of walking down the runway alone or with other models. Models have to pose and walk a certain way down the runway to make a piece clothing more noticeable to their audience.Honestly, some models don’t even like what they are wearing. Models have to wear many different cloths that might not all look and feel comfortable. However, no matter how they look, they have to portray their look with pride.

They have to work out and eat healthy to keep their body in shape. Models also have a lot of  routines to take good care of their skin. Of course they get to attend many events or travel but, they could have more than one event in a day. Traveling means spending less time with friends and family.

Models are responsible for looking good, being ready, being organized, eating healthy, staying in shape,  knowing what they have to do and more. Of course, the life of a model can be very exciting but, it can also be a challenging.

Music’s Imprint on Us

Music Doodle

Music is everywhere and in every single one of us. Many of us teenagers listen to music very often. We listen to music whenever we have the chance. I believe that teenagers have a song stuck in their heads when they are doing something or feeling a certain way. Music can either can make us feel worse or better, it just depends on what kind of music you listen to. Girls listen to Taylor Swift songs after a bad breakup and boys listen to Eminem when they feel like the “world is on their shoulders.” Music is something everyone has in mind. One word can trigger our brains to remember a song and start singing it in our heads. I don’t think people could live without music. Music is a huge part of our lives, if you believe it or not. A song can change our mood, can change our attitude, and our day. There are many different genres of music that exists that a person should like at least a type of music because, there are too many types of music to pick from and to not like at least one type of music, that would be crazy. Everyone has their own opinion on how important music is but, we all need music as much as we need air. 

What kind of music do you like? What’s the song that is stuck in your head at the moment? Is music important to you? How often do you listen to music?

High School Cheerleader


Being a cheerleader may not look like a lot of work but, it is as difficult as any other sport. Many don’t consider cheerleading a sport but, we do as much as any other sport. Cheerleading in high school isn’t as intense as competitive cheer but, they both require hard work. In high school, cheerleading is about learning a lot of cheers, being loud, learning moves, learning jumps, being able to carry another girl or being flexible. We don’t have to be super flexible, super strong or jump super high but, you still have to have the passion to want to be the best.
People see cheerleaders dancing around thinking that we are doing the same moves and cheers that we always do at games, but actually there is a difference between every cheer. Cheerleaders learn more than 70 cheers each season. Each cheer has their own rhythm, words and moves. Many of them are very similar but, us cheerleaders have to know the difference between each cheer. We also do some jumps. It takes so long to perfect a jump. Jumping without being on a trampoline isn’t easy when we are trying to get as high up in the air that we can and trying to pose for a second to come back down without stumbling to the side. Many girls learn how to stunt. Stunting is a challenge and more if the new people are stunting for the first time. Everyone has to make sure the flyer gets up and come down successfully. It takes a lot of communication, strength, and timing for an astonishing stunt.
Cheerleading is not just dancing and shouting, girls work hard to remember many cheers for one game, get stronger to do more stunts, shout louder to be heard and to make a good impression.