High School Cheerleader


Being a cheerleader may not look like a lot of work but, it is as difficult as any other sport. Many don’t consider cheerleading a sport but, we do as much as any other sport. Cheerleading in high school isn’t as intense as competitive cheer but, they both require hard work. In high school, cheerleading is about learning a lot of cheers, being loud, learning moves, learning jumps, being able to carry another girl or being flexible. We don’t have to be super flexible, super strong or jump super high but, you still have to have the passion to want to be the best.
People see cheerleaders dancing around thinking that we are doing the same moves and cheers that we always do at games, but actually there is a difference between every cheer. Cheerleaders learn more than 70 cheers each season. Each cheer has their own rhythm, words and moves. Many of them are very similar but, us cheerleaders have to know the difference between each cheer. We also do some jumps. It takes so long to perfect a jump. Jumping without being on a trampoline isn’t easy when we are trying to get as high up in the air that we can and trying to pose for a second to come back down without stumbling to the side. Many girls learn how to stunt. Stunting is a challenge and more if the new people are stunting for the first time. Everyone has to make sure the flyer gets up and come down successfully. It takes a lot of communication, strength, and timing for an astonishing stunt.
Cheerleading is not just dancing and shouting, girls work hard to remember many cheers for one game, get stronger to do more stunts, shout louder to be heard and to make a good impression.


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