High School Cheerleader


Being a cheerleader may not look like a lot of work but, it is as difficult as any other sport. Many don’t consider cheerleading a sport but, we do as much as any other sport. Cheerleading in high school isn’t as intense as competitive cheer but, they both require hard work. In high school, cheerleading is about learning a lot of cheers, being loud, learning moves, learning jumps, being able to carry another girl or being flexible. We don’t have to be super flexible, super strong or jump super high but, you still have to have the passion to want to be the best.
People see cheerleaders dancing around thinking that we are doing the same moves and cheers that we always do at games, but actually there is a difference between every cheer. Cheerleaders learn more than 70 cheers each season. Each cheer has their own rhythm, words and moves. Many of them are very similar but, us cheerleaders have to know the difference between each cheer. We also do some jumps. It takes so long to perfect a jump. Jumping without being on a trampoline isn’t easy when we are trying to get as high up in the air that we can and trying to pose for a second to come back down without stumbling to the side. Many girls learn how to stunt. Stunting is a challenge and more if the new people are stunting for the first time. Everyone has to make sure the flyer gets up and come down successfully. It takes a lot of communication, strength, and timing for an astonishing stunt.
Cheerleading is not just dancing and shouting, girls work hard to remember many cheers for one game, get stronger to do more stunts, shout louder to be heard and to make a good impression.


9 thoughts on “High School Cheerleader

  1. Hi Tessa,
    I like how you express your feelings toward cheerleading by saying that one doesn’t have to be strong to be great, they just have to have the will and passion to do it, Realizing that within itself gives strength towards your team and towards your own desire to do incredible things both in cheerleading and in life. You were correct in the fact that I had not realized how many variations of cheers there were, that’s quite amazing to remember that many. Keep up the good work on and off the field/court.


  2. Hi Tessa!

    It sounds really found with cheerleading. I have never tried it but I do not think it is my thing (we do not have it in Sweden). I admire you cheerleaders for doing all the different moves and to memorize everything. I have a hard time memorize 10 words for the vocab quiz so… Haha.
    For how long have you done cheerleading?
    Do you think you will keep doing it in college?

    Sincerely, Moa!


  3. Hi Tessa
    I read your blog about cheerleading and I really liked because I know how is being a cheerleader. This is something so new for me and is so much fun. How you said is sometimes difficult dominate your body because you have to scream, smile and move your body at the same time. How long have you been a cheearleader?, Do you have any tips for me as a new cheerleader?


  4. Tessa, you’ve taught me many things in this one post. I had no idea of all of the work that goes into being a cheerleader in every jump, flip, and move. I had no idea that you learn more than 70 cheers a season, that’s a lot to remember. Your post gives me more appreciation for the work that is put into cheer and how it should not be underappreciated. I have never tried cheerleading, but I can bet the work all seems worth it when you’re cheering. Have you ever tried competitive cheer? I’d be curious to know the kind of work that goes into that too. Great post.


  5. Hi Tessa

    I love your post about cheer leading, I didn’t realize that cheer leading was a sport, and I’d never even heard of competitive cheer leading. You mentioned that there were more than 70 different cheer’s you had to learn each season, and I thought they were all the same. Is cheer leading something you have to start as a kid, like football or baseball? You mentioned how cheer leading isn’t just a sport but it’s about teamwork and passion. I can see how much you enjoy cheer leading and I hope to see more about this. Keep up the great work.
    P.s I think cheer leading is spelled like this.


  6. Tessa,
    I never thought cheerleading could be so complex! When I saw that you learn up to 70 different dances, my jaw dropped. It is crazy how high in the air you guys go without trampolines. It must take a lot of team chemistry and trust to know that somebody will catch you on your way down. It must feel great to know that you can trust people with being there to catch you when you fall. Do you think you would be who you are without cheer leading?


  7. Hi Tessa!
    I love your post and the subject that you did it on. I like how you are telling all of us how hard cheer leading really is and that to be a cheerleader you have to be okay with standing in front of a crowd of your piers which can be tough to do. You could’ve talked about how much courage and bravery it takes to be a cheerleader because again you have to be comfortable with standing in front of all these people that you go to school with. Overall your topic is very planned out and I really enjoyed reading this.

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  8. hey Tessa
    I love the subject you did your blog on. cheerleaders don’t always get the credit they deserve. A lot of people dont realize the energy we put into cheer and learning all those chants, stomps, and cheers. My favorite thing we do in practice would have to be stunting, it is just so much fun to learn more new stunts and base. what is your favorite thing about cheer?


    • Hi Alexandra
      My favorite chants are probably defense cheers and cheers about getting a touchdown, during football season. I love to stunt too. I am a flyer. It wasn’t easy being a flyer at first. The flyer puts a lot of weight on their bases and I always try hard to lift myself up, so my bases don’t struggle too much to keep me up. Thank you for commenting on my blog! It ain’t easy being a cheerleader and I appreciate you recognizing all the hard work we put into our cheers. Are you cheerleader yourself? If you are, which cheer season do you prefer?


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