Music’s Imprint on Us

Music Doodle

Music is everywhere and in every single one of us. Many of us teenagers listen to music very often. We listen to music whenever we have the chance. I believe that teenagers have a song stuck in their heads when they are doing something or feeling a certain way. Music can either can make us feel worse or better, it just depends on what kind of music you listen to. Girls listen to Taylor Swift songs after a bad breakup and boys listen to Eminem when they feel like the “world is on their shoulders.” Music is something everyone has in mind. One word can trigger our brains to remember a song and start singing it in our heads. I don’t think people could live without music. Music is a huge part of our lives, if you believe it or not. A song can change our mood, can change our attitude, and our day. There are many different genres of music that exists that a person should like at least a type of music because, there are too many types of music to pick from and to not like at least one type of music, that would be crazy. Everyone has their own opinion on how important music is but, we all need music as much as we need air. 

What kind of music do you like? What’s the song that is stuck in your head at the moment? Is music important to you? How often do you listen to music?


5 thoughts on “Music’s Imprint on Us

  1. Hi Tessa
    I liked your post because I think the same as you, music is the most important thing for me and it is always present in each time of our life, also it can make us remember fun and sad moments that we lived or give us an excellent day when we turn on our favorite song at morning, I am obsessed with a Mexican band called zoe and the song that I always listen is Soñe, I can listen it any moment, anywhere.


  2. Hey Tessa,
    I’m a type of person who has to listen to music whenever I’m doing something like homework, chores, working out etc. In fact, I’m listening to music right now. Everything’s more fun with music. Music really pumps people up. I love listening to Bollywood and hip hop. I feel like you can really feel/ understand the music when you’re feeling down. Thank you, Tessa, for providing this amazing article.


    • Hi Madhurika
      I too like to have music playing around me while I am doing an activity. I don’t like total silence. I like listening to music while I’m washing the dishes, working out, vacuuming around the house, longboarding and more. I like listening to my mexican music once in a while or to my regular R&B music. Thank you for commenting on my blog and hopefully you enjoyed reading my thoughts on music. Keep listening to music!


  3. Hi Tessa!
    I loved your blog post! I feel the same way as you. Music makes me feel so alive. Whenever I’m having a rough day or want to be alone I lock myself in my room and listen to my music until I feel better and it usually works. My favorite artists are probably Sia or blackbear. They both have really strong vocals and that’s what I love about both of them. Who is your favorite artist and why?

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  4. Hi Tessa!
    I totally agree with you: music is a huge part of us. I think music is my way to escape reality and be by myself and my thoughts, maybe sometimes is okay but sometimes is not. I always, always listen to music if I have the chance. I especially listen to Ed Sheeran or The Fray but when I’m doing chores or I’m just bored I listen to some random playlist on Spotify. There’s a moment when I cannot listen to music: when I’m doing math homework. I find very hard to focus on what I’m doing and it takes much longer. Do you think doing homework with music helps or impedes to focus? If it helps, what kind of music do you listen to?


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