The Life of a Model


Image Credit: Pixabay

We see models on the cover of magazines thinking how amazing it would be to become one because, all models do is pose for the photographer or walk down the runway without falling. People pay attention to their fame, good looks, how much money they make, the amazing places they get to go to or amazing events they get to attend. Models have more responsibilities than others would think.

They have to learn many ways of walking down the runway alone or with other models. Models have to pose and walk a certain way down the runway to make a piece clothing more noticeable to their audience.Honestly, some models don’t even like what they are wearing. Models have to wear many different cloths that might not all look and feel comfortable. However, no matter how they look, they have to portray their look with pride.

They have to work out and eat healthy to keep their body in shape. Models also have a lot of  routines to take good care of their skin. Of course they get to attend many events or travel but, they could have more than one event in a day. Traveling means spending less time with friends and family.

Models are responsible for looking good, being ready, being organized, eating healthy, staying in shape,  knowing what they have to do and more. Of course, the life of a model can be very exciting but, it can also be a challenging.


3 thoughts on “The Life of a Model

  1. Tessa, this was very interesting to read. I think that people definitely thing modeling is a joke and not a real job. Though I think models are over payed, they really do work hard. The job is probably also very exhausting mentally. The models are not only put under a lot of pressure from the brands they are working for, but also scrutinized by the media. The success of a business is basically in their hands and that is pressure that not everyone can handle.

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    • HI Leena
      You stated that models get scrutinized by the media, which isn’t easy to deal with. Not everyone can handle being a model because, models have to have thick skin to not care what others say on social media. Models are beautiful but, not to everyone. Some people do dislike certain models and comment mean things about them. I don’t think anybody is loved by everyone. Models have a lot more responsibilities that I didn’t discuss. However, you don’t know what someone has to go through without being in their shoes and doing it yourself. Thank you for commenting on my blog and I hope you keep reading them.


  2. Tessa, loved what you wrote about the life of a model. Its interesting to read about and to be honest I thought models live very basic and boring lives.You stated that they get to travel and to some extent that tis exciting. They go into the business knowing what they’re going to do. But my problem is that they don’t all live that life style. most people that go into modeling aren’t successful yet if i broken that subject, to twitter, and snapchat then yes I agree, Anyways I love what you wrote.


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