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Writing. What do you feel while you are writing? Do you get nervous? Is writing a breeze for you? Is writing something stressful to you? How do you feel about writing?

I use to hate writing. I always got so nervous that I wasn’t sounding smart enough or wasn’t using the right punctuations. Now that I have been writing for my blog and many essays for my class, it has become easier to me. I realized that writing isn’t as hard as I thought. I believe that everyone can write. We write all the time, we just don’t notice it. We write paragraphs to our friends over text about our vacations, drama and our crushes. We all can write, it is just depends how open we are to write.

Writing can be very stressful for many of us, but if we opened up to writing on a topic that we find interest in, then we probably wouldn’t find writing so stressful. Now that I write more often for my blog and my class, I find writing so much more fun and creative. Writing gives us an opportunity to express our opinions, thoughts or feelings. Writing is an activity we should all learn to be comfortable with because, it is a very useful skill that we shouldn’t take for granted.


2 thoughts on “Writing

  1. Tessa,
    I thoroughly agree with you that writing about a topic that interests you is a whole lot easier than one that you have no passion for. Nonetheless, the subject of your piece of writing isn’t always yours to choose. Do you have any tips for these types of situations? I find writing quite a difficult task, However, similarly to you, the blog posts and essays I had to write for my class greatly improved the overall quality of my work. On a another note, I also used to worry that my word choice wasn’t sophisticated enough. I learned that a thesaurus is a great tool to broaden your vocabulary. Nice post!


  2. Tessa,
    I enjoyed reading your post as I can relate to many of the things you mentioned here. Whenever I write anything I spend far too much time worrying about making sure it all sounds intelligent and that I’m not repeating myself. Over time I have gotten over this but it I still cannot avoid it entirely. In my old English class, doing peer edits of other people’s writing usually made me a bit more confident that mine was fine.

    Generally, writing is a pretty simple task. We do it everyday but I guess we don’t think about it that way because it’s not actually on paper. Although I’m quite new to these blogging assignments, I can imagine they are a great way for people to improve on their writing skills more. Like you mentioned, it’s a lot easier when you’re writing about something you’re interested or have knowledge in. It’s rather unfortunate that we’re not always given this option, however, but is understandable. For example, I recently had to write a response to an article relating to the minimum wage. Now, I won’t get all political on here but it definitely took much more time and effort to form a decent response when I did not agree with the author.

    Nice post, I approve.

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